Oh Christmas Tree

The best thing about having your own little family is starting new family traditions. Every year since Tim and I have been married, we take the kids out the Sunday after thanksgiving to get our tree. I always have this perfect vision of how it will go:

[ Go to this cute little tree farm, walk happily down the perfectly rowed trees. Laughter. Perfect weather. Get the cutest photos of my littles in front of the trees. Go home. Put on some Christmas music. Decorate the tree while sipping on hot chocolate ]

But this is how it actually goes:

[ We go to our local 'Earl Mays' because there aren't any "cute" christmas tree farms around our area. We get there and all the kids just run around acting crazy. It's too cold for Lemon. Nobody wants to look at trees but instead look at the fish tanks that were in the back of the store. Tim got some upsetting news via the phone on the way there so he just sat with Lemon and sulked. Every year we all pick out a new ornament....that turned into a screaming match of who gets what. Everyone in the store is staring at us because Alessandra starts screaming because I wont get her a toy. We get our tree and everyone starts complaining they are hungry. We get some fast food and everyone finally gets quiet. We get home and pull the Christmas tree decorations out and right away Alessandra pulls out EVERYTHING...many broken ornaments later it's finally all done.]

Anyway you’re probably wondering what my point is….well the day before was actually Sunday but it was rainy and crappy out so we had to break our Tradition and go the next day. This is why you don’t break traditions haha.

On a lighter note, Little Lemon is growing so so fast. She sits up and does the army crawl really well and is just big enough to tear the bottom ornaments off the tree. Yay!

Here our a few photos from our Christmas tree happenings <3

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